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Waffle Legion Recruitment

2010-07-25 02:04:17 by Waffleman042

Yes, you heard correctly!

The Might Waffle Legion is recruiting once more, ready to go across countless countries with their plastic utensil's of death.

Requirments: No fat people or people under 14.
Benefits: Free waffles, pillaged stuff from towns, free plastic silverware (also main weapon)
Training Time: 10 minutes
Contact Info: Send all questions to amazingwaffle@hotmail.com

"We shall go forth unto this land and conquer the countless cities with little but our determination and plastic silverware" -Kyle Moreno, Supreme Commander.


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2010-07-25 13:03:57

Waffle legion? you act like they are big oor something...but they aren't you know...cause know one is gonna joinin all they get is waffles and plastic =P

Waffleman042 responds:

and the spoils of war! like piggy banks, and marhmallows, and a uniform, and sandwiches, you know, the important stuff