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HAHAHAHA..... I am joining the wonderful world of flash game making, and have challenged Clavactis to making a better game before me.

Go forth followers, and encourage me or give me tips or eat a waffle.

Energy wasting

2010-07-25 19:06:53 by Waffleman042

It has been brought to my attention that energy is being wasted and we are not utilizing the things we can to harness energy we can. Follow these steps and hopefully our generation (the current teen-agers) won't be left with a hollow world, F.U.B.A.R. and we're excpected to fix it.
1. turn lights off when you leave the room, unless you have a reason. That one is pretty obvious.
2. Unplug chargers from the wall if your not using them. Some chargers take energy from the wall even if they're not in use.
3. If you can afford it, have solar panels installed on your roof. If not for the enviroment, than because in some cases, if you generate enough energy, the local government will pay YOU for energy.

Thats my piece. Followers, heed my warnings. Go forth and fix this crappy enviroment.

Waffle Legion Recruitment

2010-07-25 02:04:17 by Waffleman042

Yes, you heard correctly!

The Might Waffle Legion is recruiting once more, ready to go across countless countries with their plastic utensil's of death.

Requirments: No fat people or people under 14.
Benefits: Free waffles, pillaged stuff from towns, free plastic silverware (also main weapon)
Training Time: 10 minutes
Contact Info: Send all questions to amazingwaffle@hotmail.com

"We shall go forth unto this land and conquer the countless cities with little but our determination and plastic silverware" -Kyle Moreno, Supreme Commander.

Hello Followers!

2010-07-24 22:33:36 by Waffleman042

This is going to be my first real blog post, and I know that I will soon make both Newgrounds and myself super-famous.

I will be refering to all of you people who read this crap as 'followers'. I hope I soon have at least ten followers, comments are welcome on anything I do.

Go forth followers, and spread word of my awesomeness.

My Other Alias's

2010-07-22 01:22:01 by Waffleman042

xbox live: Another Waffle
youtube: Waffleman042
E-mail: amazingwaffle@hotmail.com

Now go forth followers, and send me emails and other shit I don't need.